Building Permit Process

Below are the steps to apply and submit information for a building permit.

Step 1: Does My Project Require a Permit?

Most projects will require a permit. The permit fee is based on the valuation of the project. Projects valued at $100 or less have no charge.

Step 2: Have I Filled Out All of the Pertinent Applications?

For all projects that require a building permit, applicants must fill out a Building Permit Application (PDF).

Step 3: What Do I Need If I’m Hiring a Contractor or Doing the Work Myself?

If a contractor is working on your project, that contractor must be licensed with the Village prior to the start of the project. Contractors must complete a Contractor License Application (PDF) and pay a fee based on the type of services he or she will be providing. Based on the type of service, contractors may be required to provide documentation such as a copy of a State license. All contractor licenses are valid for one (1) year and must be renewed annually. Contractor Licenses are valid from May 1st through April 30th.

Step 4: How Do I Submit My Building Permit Application?

Once all of the pertinent applications have been filled out, the applicant must provide additional information based on the type of project that he/she is proposing to do. All paperwork and required plans must be submitted at one time. The following information is required for submittal in addition to the applications stated in the steps above:

  • For all exterior projects, applicants are required to submit an updated Plat of Survey. If the applicant has the original plat of survey, the office can make copies and return the originals back to the applicant. On the plats of survey, the proposed project area must be highlighted on both copies.
  • All contractors not only have to apply for a license with the Village, but they also must provide a proposal and/or contract where the property owner acknowledges the type of work the contractor will be doing for the proposed project.
  • All drawing plans cannot be larger than 24 inches x 36 inches
  • All drawing plans must be submitted in the following way:
    • Two (2) sets for smaller projects (example: decks, patios, garages, signs)
    • Four (4) sets for residential additions.
    • Five (5) sets for single-family residences
    • Five (5) sets for commercial projects with civil engineering/grade changes; one goes to the Fire Department and another goes to Engineering (Hancock Engineering).
    • Additions, new construction, and all major projects are required to have stamped plans by an Engineer or Architect.
  • For any commercial work or new single-family home please submit a PDF formatted file along with the plans.

Step 5: How Long Is the Permit Process?

Permits are not issued the same day that they are submitted. Permits are reviewed by the Building Department staff in the order in which they are received. However, the permit process can be expeditious if all of the required information is submitted accurately and completely from the start.

Since the application process varies depending on the type of development proposed, we encourage applicants to speak to our staff before applying for any permits. Applicants may request a preliminary plan review. Preliminary plan reviews provide answers to all of your questions and/or concerns regarding the proposed project. Please review and submit the Preliminary Site Plan Review Form (PDF).

Step 6: How Do I Check On the Status of a Building Permit Application?

After the building permit application has been submitted, the applicant will be contacted if the plan reviewer has any questions or problems, or if any additional information is needed. You may call or email the Building Department to inquire about the status of the permit, but please keep in mind that plan review time may be affected by the department’s workload and/or unforeseen projects.


Once your plans have been approved, the applicant will be notified for permit pick-up and payment. The Building Department is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to Noon. Applicants may pay with cash, check, and/or credit card.

Permits must be prominently displayed in your window. You will also be advised to schedule all pertinent inspections.