Property Transfers

All properties are required to apply for a pre-sale inspection at the time of listing the property. Subsequently, the building and property will be inspected and a list of all violations, if any, will be made. There are two options with regard to any code violations:

  • The seller can correct violations prior to closing
  • The buyer can agree to take responsibility for correcting violations within 60 days of taking possession. Prior to closing, the buyer will be required to establish an escrow (amount determined by the inspector) and complete an occupancy form. Once code violations are corrected and re-inspected, escrow will be refunded to the buyer.

View the link that pertains to your property for more information:

New Property Owner Form

Prior to closing, the new property owner will be required to complete the New Property Owner Form (PDF). This form provides the Village with your contact information as well as explains your obligation for payment of your water/sewer/refuse bill.  This form must be completed and delivered to the Village of River Grove prior to closing.