Residential Services

Refuse Collection

Beginning September 1st, 2023, the Village of River Grove will be changing its solid waste services contractor to Flood Brother Disposal.  If you have any questions about the transition, please contact Flood Brothers directly at (630) 261-0400 or email.  Seniors, 65 and over, interested in the senior discount (35-gallon carts) can contact the Village of River Grove Public Works at 708-452-7055 to set up.

Single Family Informational Letter
Flood Brothers Booklet
Multi-Family Informational Letter


Flood Brothers Disposal will provide every single family with a 95-gallon refuse cart for weekly collection. The monthly refuse collection rate for a single-family residence is $23.45. Additional carts are available for those residents that would be interested; a rental price of $3.00 per cart per month would be applied.  


Flood Brothers Disposal will provide every single family with a 95-gallon recycling cart for weekly collection. Additional carts are available for those residents that would be interested; a rental price of $3.00 per cart per month would be applied.  Flood Brothers Disposal will allow recycling materials to be co-mingled (i.e. plastic, glass, metal, and paper products mixed).

Acceptable Items
Recyclables are to be placed in your 95-gallon recycling cart. This includes:

Fiber Materials                                                  Co-Mingled Materials  (clean and dry)  
 •   Bond Paper (white/colored)                           •   Aluminum Cans
 •   Plastic Soup Containers                                  •   Steel Cans
 •   Computer Paper                                              •   Bi-Metal Cans
 •   Calculator Tape                                                •   Plastic Soup Containers
 •   Envelopes                                                          •   Plastic Water / Soda / Juice Bottles
 •   Junk Mail                                                            •   Liquid Detergent Bottles
 •   Legal Pad Paper                                               •   Microwave Trays
 •   Letterhead                                                        •   Milk Jugs
 •   Magazines                                                         •   Plastics #1-#5 & #7
 •   Newspaper                                                        •   Glass
 •   Cardboard                                                         •    Gable Top Boxes (Milk & Juice)

Prohibited Items
Some common items can NOT be recycled and need to be deposited in your 96-gallon refuse cart. These items include:
 •  Food or Beverage Waste                                   •  Candy & Snack Wrappers
 •  Non-Paper Packing Material                             •  Plastic Strapping
 •  Rubber Bands                                                      •  Stickers  or Labels
 •  Plastic, Latex & Rubber Gloves                         •  K-Cups
 •  Plastic #6 (Polystyrene)                                      •  Styrofoam
 •  Plastic Grocery Bags                                           •  Paper Coffee Cups & Lids
 •  Tissue Products & Napkins                                •  Shrink Wrap & Food Packaging

Yard Waste

Flood Brothers Disposal will provide a weekly collection of yard waste. For those residents who are interested, we will have 95-gallon carts available. A monthly rental price of $3.00 per cart per month would be applied.  Flood Brothers Disposal will provide yard waste collection from April 1st through November 30th on the same day as refuse and recycling collection each week.  All yard waste shall be placed in a plastic or metal container with a tight cover, or a biodegradable kraft bag, of a size no larger than 35 gallons and not exceeding 50 pounds or a Flood Brothers Disposal-issued yard waste cart.  We will accept and collect all bundles of brush or limbs, providing the bundles do not exceed a weight of fifty (50) pounds per bundle, are not more than four (4) feet long, are not more than two (2) feet in diameter, do not contain limbs greater than three (3) inches in diameter and are tied with twine or string.

Bulk Items

Flood Brothers Disposal will collect two (2) bulk items per week on refuse collection day at no charge. Additional bulk items are $7.00 per item. Residents are required to call ahead to schedule additional bulk items. Items that weigh more than 50 pounds will also require residents to contact our office to arrange for proper collection. Items that are considered bulk items: mattresses, box springs, tables, chairs, and other discarded furniture. Four (4) rolls of carpet will equal one (1) bulk item, (must be rolled, taped, or tied and no longer than 4 feet in length, 2 feet in diameter and 50 pounds in weight). Mattresses and box springs must be wrapped

Christmas Tree Collection

Flood Brothers Disposal will provide a special collection of Christmas trees during January.

White Goods

Flood Brothers Disposal will also provide collection services for one (1) white goods item (i.e. appliances) per week. Any additional white goods items are $15.00 per item. Examples include refrigerators, freezers,  dishwashers, air conditioners, water heaters, washers, dryers, etc. We ask that you remove the doors from any refrigerator and freezer. After the items are collected, Freon is safely removed (if present) and appliances are recycled. Appliances must be empty. Residents will be required to call our office 24 hours before collection to schedule the pickup.

Household Hazardous Waste

Flood Brothers Disposal would inform residents to reach out to our office when possible hazardous waste material may need to be disposed of. We will work with the residents to find the best solution for disposal with the assistance of Cook County Recycling programs.

Construction Debris/Special Collection

The following items are considered construction debris: drywall, rocks, excessive carpeting, doors, paneling, concrete, lumber, cabinets, and fixtures. All items must be placed in bags, plastic cans, and a maximum of 32-gallon containers, all of which cannot exceed the 50-pound weight limit. For an estimate of a construction debris collection, please contact our office. There is a $15.00 per yard (two-yard minimum) charge for collection service. Flood Brothers Disposal has roll-off dumpsters available for larger projects.

Collection Day

All materials (refuse, recycling, and yard waste) will be collected on the same day, once per week on Monday. There will be no change to the current collection day, but your collection time may so please have carts out for collection by 6 am on your scheduled collection day. 

Holiday Schedule

If a holiday falls on a weekday or Sunday, (if a holiday falls on Sunday, the holiday will be observed on the following Monday) and your regularly scheduled pickup is on or after the holiday, your pickup will be delayed by one day. The following is a list of observed holidays: 
                        • New Year's Day                 • Memorial Day
                        • Independence Day           • Labor Day
                        • Thanksgiving Day             • Christmas Day


Billing will be done through the Village of River Grove’s utility billing. Special collections will be billed directly to residents by Flood Brothers Disposal.

Senior Discount

A new senior discount option (35-gallon refuse and recycling cart) is available for qualified seniors, 65 years old and over. Qualified seniors can contact the Village of River Grove Public Works at 708-452-7055 to set up.

Electronics Recycling

The Village's drop-off site for accepted electronic items is conveniently located at the Public Works Department, 2101 N West St. Electronics are only accepted the first Saturday of every month from 9 am to noon.  Proof of residency may be required.

The U.S. Environment Protection Agency states electronic waste is now the fastest-growing segment of our nation's waste. Electronic waste from computers to TVs contains toxic materials such as lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, beryllium, nickel, zinc, and other potentially harmful chemicals. The EPA warns when electronics that contain these materials are not recycled or are not disposed of properly; the hazardous chemicals can contaminate the groundwater and present additional environmental concerns.

The State of Illinois electronic waste landfill ban is now a state law. Under this state law, electronic waste cannot be collected with household refuse / waste.

Additional Services

Water & Sewer

The Village of River Grove receives its water from Lake Michigan through a purchase agreement with the City of Chicago. New residents should call River Grove Village Hall at 708-453-8000 to schedule service.

The Water and Sewer rates for River Grove residential customers as of August 1st. 2022 are:

  • WATER - $11.68 per thousand gallons
  • SEWER - 15% of the total water 

Our Public Works department is responsible for maintaining the water main system, sanitary, and storm sewer system. Duties include repairing water main breaks, clearing debris from storm drain entry points, conducting inspections, and taking meter readings.

The following report summarizes the quality of water that we provided last year including details about where the water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to standards set by regulatory agencies. 

2021 Water Quality Report (PDF)

Natural Gas

NICOR Website
Phone 888-NICOR4U


Commonwealth Edison Website
Phone: 800-334-7661