Online Services

EPay Online Payments

The following violations may be paid online for your convenience:

  • Ordinance Violations - C ticket No Court Appearance.  
                                             These $75 tickets increase to $150 if not paid within ten (10) days of being issued.
  • Parking Tickets are $50 but increase to $75 if not paid before the due date on the ticket.
  • Red Light Violations - Must have the violation and license plate number available to access images.  

Register Your Pet

To help ensure the safe return of your lost pet, police officers can immediately search the Pet Management database from their police vehicles, and from the in-station computers.  Residents of River Grove are encouraged to register their pets using the online Pet Management module.  After registering your pet, owners have 14 days from the date of registration, to obtain a pet registration tag from the village hall ($5 annual renewal) or risk their data being deleted from the system.  The Pet Management module may also be utilized by residents who have lost a pet, and by residents who have found a pet (please check the appropriate box in the module).  For questions regarding pet tags please call 708-453-8000 ext. 308 during normal business hours. REGISTER YOUR PET

Request a Vacation Watch

The vacation watch program is a service provided by the River Grove Police Department where members of the department will conduct periodic physical checks of your residence while you are on vacation or away from your residence for an extended period of time. In the event of an emergency, we will work with the person you designate as an emergency key holder to ensure that your residence is safe and secure. REQUEST A VACATION WATCH

Register your Bicycle

Provide the details of your bicycle. Once added to the database, your bicycle information will be available to the police department in case of lost or stolen.  REGISTER YOUR BICYCLE

Request Overnight Parking

Overnight parking is prohibited on any village street where signs are posted designating parking restrictions (e.g. resident-only parking, time-restricted parking).  For parking exceptions on those streets, overnight parking permission, and all other requests, must be submitted prior to 12:01 A.M. of the calendar day requested, to avoid a citation.  As an example, if today is April 3, and you are requesting permission for overnight parking, you will enter April 4REQUEST OVERNIGHT PARKING

Register Your Security Cameras

The River Grove Police Department is asking residents and business owners throughout the Village to register their privately owned surveillance camera systems.  As the Police Department responds to criminal incidents in our community, they may be able to use the information or footage gathered from the security cameras to assist in the apprehension and prosecution of the criminals involved.
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