Business Licenses

Business Licenses

In order to operate a business in River Grove, you will need a business license; this includes home-based businesses. 

How to Apply for a Business License

Submit Zoning Verification Request: If you are starting a new business you must first submit a Zoning Verification Request to the Building department to be sure your location is zoned for the type of business you are beginning. If a hearing is necessary, you will receive specific instructions.  This step is not necessary if you are renewing a license.

Liquor/Gaming Applicants:   Please include a detailed proposal along with your Zoning Verification Request.  After approval, the Business License Application will be made available.

Submit Application:  A Business License Application must be completed in full and submitted with a non-refundable $100 application fee and a $35 fingerprint fee per owner/manager of the business. Applications are available at the Village Hall, or by emailing the Village Clerk’s office or call 708-453-8000 press 0.  

The Village Clerk’s office will review the application and request any additional paperwork and/or payments.  To assure that your proposed business meets all code requirements, the applicant will be notified of which inspections are required.  The applicant is responsible for setting up the inspection appointment with the building department.

A business is not allowed to operate prior to receipt of the Business License Certificate. Once received the Business License Certificate must be prominently posted in your business.


Business Licenses need to be renewed each year by April 30th. A renewal letter will be sent to you by the Village when it is time to renew. Please comply with your renewal in a timely fashion to avoid late penalties.

We are happy that you have chosen River Grove as the home for your business and wish you many years of success. Please contact the Village at 708-453-8000 if you have any questions about the business license process.