Fire Prevention Bureau

Fire Prevention Bureau Overview

The Fire Prevention Bureau is a critical component of the River Grove Fire Department's effort to protect the citizens of River Grove against the loss of life and property through its enforcement of the Municipal Fire Codes. The bureau conducts general inspections of businesses, schools, hotels, and public places of assembly. Inspections are done on an annual basis to ensure that each entity complies with all required fire codes.

The Fire Prevention Bureau also has the following responsibilities:

Fire Alarm & Fire Suppression System Testing

The Bureau is required to inspect all new and remodeled construction installations of fire alarm and fire suppression systems. Fire pumps utilized for standpipe and/or sprinkler systems are required to be tested annually by contractors from the private sector. The test is not valid unless witnessed and approved by the Fire Prevention Bureau.

Plan Review & New Construction Fire Prevention

The Bureau reviews plans for alarm and sprinkler systems that will be installed in new or remodeled construction. Emergency generator plans and aboveground, flammable liquid storage tank plans are also reviewed. The bureau monitors the construction or rehabilitation of buildings within the Village of River Grove. Pre-construction meetings are also held with developers, architects and building owners to discuss issues that are pertinent to fire safety.

School Inspections

The Bureau annually inspects all schools in the Village of River Grove. In addition to the annual inspection, each grammar school and high school receives three formal fire drills each school year.

Occupancy Compliance

The Fire Prevention Occupancy Compliance Task Force conducts walk-through inspections of late-night public assembly occupancies. They visit nightclubs and bars checking for overcrowding conditions and fire code violations. This task force works with the River Grove Police Department and the Liquor License Commission to ensure that these establishments maintain proper occupancy numbers.

Fire Extinguisher Services License

Any Fire Extinguisher Service Company wanting to service fire extinguishers in River Grove must be licensed by the River Grove Fire Department.  The Fire Extinguisher Services License Application (PDF) must be completed and returned to the RGFD.