Community Camera Registration

Do you have private video surveillance cameras at your home or business?  If you do, the River Grove Police Department would like to hear from you.

The River Grove Police Department is asking residents and business owners throughout the Village to register their privately owned surveillance camera systems.  As the Police Department responds to criminal incidents in our community, they may be able to use the information or footage gathered from the security cameras to assist in the apprehension and prosecution of the criminals involved.


Registering your camera system is free and voluntary. The River Grove Police Department WILL NOT have direct access to your cameras. A registrant will only be contacted by the police department to share video or still images if a criminal incident has occurred in the vicinity of the registered camera. Additionally, your personal information will remain confidential and you can contact the program director or detective division to withdraw your registration at any time


Policy and Terms of Use: Under no circumstances shall the River Grove Police Department utilize any information obtained to view footage/feeds directly from cameras owned by registrants. An individual's personal information will be kept confidential by the Department unless subject to disclosure by court order. The River Grove Police Department will store video footage in accordance with established policies governing the handling and storage of evidence. If evidence of an unrelated crime is discovered, the investigating officer will seek consent to obtain the additional footage and conduct a separate investigation. The goal of the camera registry system is to deter crime and promote public safety through collaboration between the River Grove Police Department and the community which it serves.  Accordingly, all private security camera registrants must agree to the following terms of use:

 Any footage containing or related to criminal activity may be collected by the River Grove Police Department for use as evidence during any stage of a criminal proceeding.

Under no circumstances shall registrants construe that they are acting as an agent and/or employee of the Village of River Grove and/or the River Grove Police Department by participating in this program.

Videos or still images, to be used or reviewed by a police officer, will be copied to a removable drive provided to the registrant, by a police officer.

 If you have questions regarding the program, please contact Detective Marshon Balthazar (708) 453-2121