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CMAP 2020 "State of the Streets" final report

In October of 2020, the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) retained the services of Gorrondona and Associates, Inc. (G&AI) to implement a pavement management system for the Village of River Grove that will enable the Village to manage its roadway network in a more proactive, cost-effective, and sustainable way. To accomplish this objective, G&AI: 1) assessed the condition of the Village’s roadways, 2) implemented and customized a pavement management system for the Village, and 3) developed near- and long-term pavement maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R) recommendations for the Village’s roadways.

2020 "State of the Streets" final report

Stormwater Management Program Plan

The Village of River Grove is an operator of a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (known as MS4), per the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s (IEPA) National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II Program. 

The ILR40 NPDES Permit for MS4 communities requires that the Village of River Grove develop, implement, and enforce a Stormwater Management Program Plan (SMPP) designed to reduce the discharge of pollutants into neighboring waterways to the maximum extent practicable, to protect water quality, and to satisfy the water quality requirements as intended by the Clean Water Act (as amended in 1987).

Stormwater Management Program Plan (PDF)

Water Quality Reports

2022 Water Quality Report (PDF)

2021 Water Quality Report (PDF)

2020 Water Quality Report (PDF)

2019 Water Quality Report (PDF)

2018 Water Quality Report (PDF)


Reports and information required under our Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System Permit.

EPA NPDES Stormwater Management

EPA NPDES Best Practices for Stormwater

Facility Inspection Report 2019-20

Facility Inspection Report 2018-19

Facility Inspection Report 2017-18

Facility Inspection Report 2016-17

Facility Inspection Report 2015-16

Facility Inspection Report 2014-15

Facility Inspection Report 2013-14

NOI Renewal 2013


Reports and information that are required under our Combined Sewer Overflows permit.

Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Reporting