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Posted on: September 8, 2019

Phone Scam Alert Update

Cell Phone next to "Scam Calls" warning message

Police Chief Michael Konwinski and the River Grove Police Department would like to remind you to be on the alert for a number of recent telephone scams seeking to separate you from your hard earned money. 

The police department has received several reports of various telephone scams being made to residents in River Grove, and recently victims have lost over $16,000.00.  A large majority of scammers call from other countries, while some scammers call from other states.  However, arresting a scammer is very rare because locating that person is virtually impossible.  The chief of police wishes to remind everybody of the following:

  • The IRS and/or officers from the River Grove PD, will never call you and attempt collect delinquent taxes or threaten that an arrest warrant will be issued because of delinquent taxes.
  • Royalty from foreign countries will not share their wealth with you, in exchange for sending them gift card codes.
  • Any random stranger or foreign national will not call or approach you and offer to share their new found lottery wealth with you if you agree to cash in their winning lottery ticket.  This scam is perpetrated by the victim putting up an amount or “earnest money” with a promise by the scammer of splitting the lottery winnings with the victim.  The scammer usually explains that they are a non-citizen resident and therefore, cannot not legally claim their prize.  The fact is that lottery forms do not require a winner to disclose their resident status and foreign nationals are entitled to claim lottery winnings.  A variation of this scam is that the scammer claims they are underage and therefore cannot legally claim their prize.  In either case, be very leery of strangers offering to share their lottery winnings with you.
  • Police officials from the RGPD or other towns and villages will not call to solicit bond money for your family members or friends, without letting you immediately speak to the person in need of bond money.  If you receive a call asking for bond money in the form of a gift card code, you are about to be scammed.

In short, if somebody randomly offers to bestow any amount of cash on you, in exchange for anything from you…you are most likely about to be scammed. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. When in doubt, call the River Grove Police Department at (708) 453-2121 to verify anything that seems like a scam.


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